Download page for FlexNet license server managers (lmadmin and lmgrd), utilities, and documentation for administrators and end users

This download page will no longer be available after July 31, 2014.

After that date, users of FlexEnabled software must contact the publisher of that software to obtain license server managers (lmadmin and lmgrd) and related utilities (lmutil and lmtools).

From this page, you can download the latest version of the application-generic license server managers and end user utilities, as well as the associated documentation. These programs can be used with any application that is licensed by FlexNet Publisher. Flexera Software recommends that you use the latest available version of the license server manager at all times as it includes bug fixes and enhancements, and assures the greatest level of compatibility with all of your licensed applications.

This page contains the following sections:


Please use the following links to view or download the documentation.

About lmadmin

The latest FlexNet Publisher license server manager, lmadmin, is currently available for selected platforms.  lmadmin represents a significant milestone in the evolution of FlexNet Publisher, offering a graphical user interface that provides a number of server administration improvements around usability, efficiency, and capability.  See the License Administration Guide and lmadmin Migration FAQ (links above) for additional information.

lmadmin is backward compatible to version 9.2 of the vendor daemon and your FlexEnabled applications.

The legacy license server manager, lmgrd, is still available and supported.

Note to users of FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications (formerly called FLEXnet Manager): Versions 12.0 and later are compatible with lmadmin. If you are running an earlier version, please use lmgrd as your license server manager.

About FlexNet Manager

As a user of the utilities provided on this page, you should know that you may be able to cut your software costs significantly by deploying FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications. Please click here to learn more. (Opens in a new window.)

Helpful tips

  • COMPATIBILITY: The version of the license server manager must be greater than or equal to the version of FlexNet Publisher used in the application/application's vendor daemon. You can always use the latest license server manager and utilities from this site; they will be backward-compatible with your application and its license file.
  • VERSION INFORMATION: Use lmver (part of lmutil) to determine the version of FlexNet Publisher used by your application. For example, if Company XYZ has provided a program called Spell, use the command:
    lmver Spell; lmver XYZ.
  • lmver would report the FlexNet Publisher version used in the Spell application and the XYZ vendor daemon.

    • To determine the version of lmadmin itself, use: lmadmin -version.
    • To determine the version of lmgrd itself, use: lmver lmgrd.

    lmadmin, lmgrd and lmutil are supplied by Flexera Software. The vendor daemon and application are supplied by the software vendor.

  • SUPPORT: End users should contact their software vendor for support. The vendor is the only source for updates to the vendor daemons and applications, and for license file changes.

Security notice

To ensure that your installation includes the latest security fixes and other enhancements, Flexera Software recommends that you always use the most recent available versions of lmadmin, lmgrd, and other components available on this page. If you are using any earlier versions of these components, please use the links below to download the installers for the current versions for your desired platforms. To update lmadmin, please follow the instructions in the License Administration Guide.


Use the links below to download the latest FlexNet Publisher license server and utilities. If you transfer files between platforms, be sure to transfer them in binary mode.

For UNIX/Linux platforms: If your system saves a downloaded file as a file type other than that indicated in the "download links" column, please rename the file to change the file type back to that indicated before proceeding. For example, if a type ".tar.gz" file is saved by your system as type ".tar.tar", please rename it back to ".tar.gz". You can then use an appropriate uncompress utility to extract the contents.

LSB PLEASE NOTE: Most license server managers and utilities for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux platforms have been replaced by general-purpose Linux tools that have been certified by the Linux Foundation™ as being Linux Standard Base™ compliant.

If you can't find your platform, or if you have problems downloading these files, please contact Flexera Software Customer Support .

Operating System
Download links
AIX® 32-bit PowerPC™
AIX® 64-bit PowerPC™
HP-UX 32-bit HP PA-RISC 32-bit
HP-UX 64 bit HP PA-RISC 64-bit
HP-UX 64 bit Intel® Itanium®
Linux 32-bit (LSB Certified™) x86
Linux 64-bit (LSB Certified™) x64
Linux 32-bit (LSB Certified™) PowerPC™
Linux 64-bit (LSB Certified™) PowerPC™
Mac OS® X x86, x64
Microsoft® Windows® 32-bit x86
Microsoft® Windows® 64-bit x64
Microsoft® Windows® 64-bit Intel® Itanium®
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 64-bit Intel® Itanium®
SGI® 64-bit MIPS® 64-bit
Solaris™ 32-bit SPARC® 32-bit
Solaris™ 64-bit SPARC® 64-bit
Solaris™ 32-bit x86
Solaris™ 64-bit x64



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